12mm ProWarm™ European Standard Pex-Al-HDPE pipe

European Standard Pex-Al-HDPE pipe was conceived and designed to satisfy the most demanding and diverse possible uses. The result is still the most innovative, multifunctional and most reliable pipe on the international market.

We only use the highest quality 12mm (outside) diameter European Standard Pex-Al-HDPE pipe.

The triple layered pipe creates an oxygen barrier which is 100% tight and its diameter calculated to allow for maximum performance and flexibility.

The middle aluminium layer diffuses the heat more efficiently and offers excellent conductivity, which is necessary for low-temperature systems. This allows the requirement of less pipe work to other systems.

ProWarm™ Manifold

Please Note The fitting accessories supplied with this manifold are 16mm, if you are using 12mm pipe you will need the 12mm eurocones instead.

ProWarm™ manifolds are made in Belgium by ProWarm™, the market leaders in European Standard Pex-Al-HDPE pipe, manifolds and water underfloor heating systems.

All our stainless steel mainfolds are made by ProWarm™ to the highest quality standards.

- Manual valve for each port.

- Adjustable flow meter allows easy balancing.

- Factory pre-assembled on fixing brackets.

- Triple seal on pipe connections to eliminate leakage.

Cassellie Quadrato Thermostatic Shower Kit

- Chrome finish

- Low pressure

- Telescopic adjustable riser rail kit

- Italian made thermostatic mixing valve

- Automatic shut off in the event of water failure

- Stainless steel head with easy clean rubber jets

- Incorporated diverter to control water flow between overhead and hand shower

- Includes paddle handset and 1.5m shower hose

MagnaClean Professional 2 Filter

Compact, highly efficient magnetic filter removes up to 100% of suspended black iron oxide, to protect and restore central heating systems. Rapid-fit connectors for 2 minute installation and faster servicing.

- 2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee (T&Cs Apply)

- Compact Installation for Tight Spaces

- Rapid-Fit Connectors for Faster Servicing


Electronic sensing element. Wireless. Override facility. Holiday mode. Automatic BST/GMT time change.

- Digital Display

- 1, 2 or 3 On / Off Periods

- 1 Pre-Set Programme

- 24 Hour Programmable

- Wireless

- Frost Protection

- Override Facility

- Holiday Mode

- Automatic BST/GMT Time Change

- 1 Year Guarantee

Honeywell VT117E 15mm Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV)

VT117E is an adjustable radiator thermostat suitable for use in two pipe systems.

Because the valve body design is not sensitive to water flow direction and its radiator tail and copper tube connections are interchangeable the VT117 radiator thermostat can be mounted horizontally or vertically at either end of the radiator without risk of water hammer occurring.

- Reversible connections

- Available in 8mm, 10mm & 15mm sizes

- Approved to EN215

- Bi-directional flow design

- Can be mounted vertically or horizontally

- Easy to grip TRV head

- Energy saving button

- Wax sensor

- Frost setting

- Positive shut off

- Integral radiator balancing insert

Manifold Pump & Mixing Valve Unit

Provides temperature controlled mixed water to a multi-zone manifold connected underfloor heating system with a heat output up to 14kW. Designed to be lightweight and compact in order to connect directly onto a standard manifold without the need for extra brackets or support.

The kit consists of a market leading mixing valve, circulating pump, return elbow, manifold adaptor and all necessary seals.

- Bolt on unit provides simple installation process

- Provides controlled mixed temperature water to underfloor heating systems (maximum heat output 14kw)

- Adjustable temperature between 3°C and 65°C

- Controls flow temperatures between +/- 2°C unaffected by boiler flow and return temps

22mm - Two-port - Zone Valve with Detachable Head and Pre-wired Cable

A 240V two port zone valve for use in heating systems to isolate zone or equipment when the motor is energised. The valve is supplied complete with a pre-made moulded cable to plug straight in: removes need for wiring, so any maintenance or retrofitting can be done with an electrician. The two port zone valve features a unique detachable motorised head with robust metal manual actuating lever, and is interchangeable with other leading manufacturer's valve bodies, mounted on high quality brass body to ensure a long operating life and total installation flexibility.

- Easy to use, clip-on detachable head

- Pre-moulded plug and play cable supplied, so no wiring work required

- Metal manual operating lever for strength and stability

- Power supply: 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 5W

- Systems fuse rating: 3A maximum

- Auxiliary switch rating: 3A 250VAC

- Water temperature range: 5°C to 88°C

- Max. Differential pressure: 0.69 bar

- Cable length: 1 meter

- Connections: 22mm Compression

- Weight: 2kg

- Dimensions: W-110.00mm H-110.00mm